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Ronny a Teddy bear novel

Ronny a Teddy bear novel

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Nowadays nobody can imagine a childrens‘ room without a teddy bear. Teddies are true friends and companions of their little owners and have to endure a lot. It’s about time to accompany a teddy- a teddy named Ronny- for a part of his life.  
The childrens‘ book „Ronny- a Teddy bear novel“ wants to do just that: to tell about the life of teddy bear Ronny and his owner Marie. Beautifully illustrated pictures show more about what is going on in the chapters of the book and about all the characters surrounding Ronny the teddy. Do teddy bears have an exciting life? Of course! Ronny is always by his owners‘ side, he accompanys Marie into school, tot he circus, for a playdate in the park, during her summer vacation at the Baltic Sea and much more.
And when he is back home he has to tell the other stuffed animals, like Bimbo the ape, the doll with folkloristic clothes named Anne or the Punchinello about everything in detail. What does a teddy exactly do at the Baltic Sea? Which impressions does a teddy have at the Christmas market? What does a teddy like most if taken along to the zoo? And which dangers are there in a childrens’ room?
Small and big readers can follow Ronny in 19 chapters and see his adventures. Even the very small readers listen carefully, because the book is perfect for reading it to them. Each story stands for itself, which makes the book a great book to take along during a vacation for families with kids. Every day the little ones can experience the stories and look at the pictures. Vacation time is reading time!
The sturdy hard cover is very forgiving if it falls down on the floor. 
The main target audience for this book are kids in preschool as well as Kindergardeners and primary school students up to 3rd grade. Even adults can go on a trip down Memory Lane of their own childhood. Back when they used to have their own teddy go everywhere with them.  

Author: Ditmar Danelius
Illustrator: Marianne Michel
ISBN: 9783944873039
Genre: childrens‘ book
size: 92 pages with 22 big pictures, of which 18 are full size
Format: 29,8 cm length and 21 cm width, Hardcover
Recommended reading age: 5-10 years

book language: German

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