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Simbir Elhof and the black unicorn (German)

Simbir Elhof and the black unicorn (German)

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Far behind the big Lake of Dreams and the Mountain of Hope there lies the Fairy Forrest. Sorcerers and witches live here, together with unicorns, and other creatures that no human has ever been able to see. The animals can talk and even the old trees, like myself, yes even we have a language.
May I have the pleasure to introduce myself? My name is Shnorrebrown. I have been living here in the Fairy Forrest for ninehundred years and keep my branches up to protect the forrest spirits and mice and the lively goblins
You don’t know what goblins are? Well that is going to change. Because this is what this story is all about: one of those creatures.
At the darkest place of the Fairy Forrest, where never a ray of light can reach, lived Simbir Elhof. Simbir Elhof was a dwarf. Well not really a real dwarf; he was a goblin. Goblins are little creatures that do a lot of mischief and pranks. They have a green skin, long pointy ears and a huge mouth in which the whole world fits in- just in case they intended to eat it. Until now I have never come accross one that has already tried it, though.
Simbir was different. His skin was not green like those of the others; his skin was purple and sprinkled with orange spots. Also his ears were not pointy but rather rounded.  And the worst thing was: he was a friendly goblin- he did not want to do mischief nor pranks.
Because he was so different, his brothers and sisters and their friends did not want him around. Yes even his parents did not want to see him anymore. One day something happened, something that I, Shnorrebrown, had been afraid of for a long time. He was thrown out of his home and the door of his parents’ home was thrown closed with him standing outside.
Surely you can imagine, that Simbir Elhof was deeply saddened about this tragedy and this is why he decided to protract and go out into the Fairy Forest to build his own home into the roots of a huge tree.
I could accompany him during his adventures. And you can, too.

Title: Simbir Elhof und das schwarze Einhorn
Author: Sandra Rehschuh
Illustrations: Julia Laas
ISBN: 9783944873046
Genre: Childrens‘ book
size: 68 pages
Dimensions: 21 cm x 14.8 cm, Hardcover
Recommended reading age: 5-10 years
book language: German

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